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Gold Bugs

No fiat currency has ever maintained its value such as gold and silver. Throughout the ages gold and silver have always held a store of value.

Even today, in our highly indebted world, the nations have become slaves to money. The founding fathers of the United States and the Holy Bible have warned us of these dangers, yet we continue on our path to destruction. The cycle of monetary systems is as old as the ages and they repeat themselves over and over.

Needle in the Haystack analyzes these cycles and connects the dots between the money supply and pricing of precious metals. Subscribers will receive free detailed updates on the gold and silver markets via the blog and on the executive market update.

Investors always run to gold and silver as a "safe haven" when they lose their confidence in the purchasing power of their "fiat" currency. It does not matter whether you hold the US dollar, Rands, Pounds or Japanese Yen. Gold is gold and silver is silver!

Our monetary system has acquired the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world, so every other currency is pegged and weighted against this unit. Gold and silver will always be priced in the currency of the reserve currency. History shows us that this is not the first time we have had a reserve currency and not one has stood the test of time. Neither will the US dollar.

The best read on the history of the monetary system and how to invest in gold and silver in this present day is the book "Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver - written by Michael Maloney."