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Financial Advisors Corner

Needle in the Haystack provides technical analysis on most unit trust funds available.

Financial advisors and planners can benefit by subscribing to NHT's fund analysis program. 

Here the certified planner makes a selection of the funds that he/she requires NHT to analyze on a monthly basis. Detailed and customized reports are drawn up for easy comparison of funds in which you can identify the strengths and weaknesses in fund selection.

This will help you to become more knowledgeable (from a technical perspective) in the global fund market and make informed decisions for your future recommendations and advisory services to your client.

Your reports are saved in the cloud and can only be accessed by you via a unique link which will be provided to you.

All reports are unique and specific to the financial advisor's requirements. In your meeting request, please supply the names of one or two funds on which we can prepare a presentation on at our meeting.