Wealth Creation - One Share at a time


Follow these 4 simple steps to get started


1 - Decide if this service is for you?

2 - Get the right trading tools

3 - Assess your Risk Profile

4 - Choose your subscription


Step 1 - This service is for you if........

  • You have the financial ability and willingness to invest for the long term
  • You haven't the time nor the inclination to analyze and trade the market by yourself
  • You cannot commit to running your investment/trading business full-time
  • You would like to follow a Trading/Investment mentor at your own pace, with an sound strategy and investment plan.

There are no guaranteed returns in investing and trading on the stock market and Needle in the Haystack's services are by no means a quick fix solution to financial success. It will take hard work and dedication on your part



Step 2 - Tools of the Trade

Needle in the Haystack's services are available on subscription only. Every subscriber is required to setup an equity or trading account in their personal capacity, set up with a JSE registered and authorized stockbroker.

Charting software


Charting Software

You'll need market charting software to help you with your analysis and decision making process in any investment strategy. The software contains detailed tutorials which are covered extensively in the strategy phase of NHT's online trading courses.

 Step 3 - Risk Management and Maintenance


Needle in the Haystack Trading derives no profit from your trading or investing profits and/or brokerage commissions.


Investors and/or Traders carry their own risk at all times. The decision to invest/or trade is your alone. We will guide you regarding your risk profile, so you do not unneccesarily expose yourself to substantial financial risk.

Join our online training courses to equip you will the essential skills for success.

Let us help you define your expectations in order to determine your suitability for the program. 

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