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Needle in the Haystack Trading delivers information through a broad range of proven strategies that will provide measurable results and have a positive impact on your equity portfolio and trading performance.

The analysis provided will identify the "What?" so that you can then decide "If" and  "When?" to put the trade on, while you overlay your strategy.


The secret weapon and foundation of the strategies is 80% fundamental analysis and 20% Technical Analysis. It is designed to help you make an informed decision and eliminate emotion in investing and trading the financial markets.

The information provided should guide you to:

  • Structure your own trading plan;
  • Develop your own core strategy;
  • Test and learn alternative strategies;

 There are 5 different strategies choose from 

Some investors may enjoy the long, medium and/or short term strategies as a combination. It is advisable to keep these portfolios seperate so you can effectively measure their growth individually.

Another key element is the tax consideration as portfolios held longer than 3 years will attract capital gains tax and shorter term trading attracts income tax. Please consult your personal tax advisor for more information. Remember, if the profit is made, the tax must be paid. Dividend witholding tax will apply on all equity portfolios where dividends have been paid. This part is managed by the stockbroker who is the custodian.

All alerts are provided by email and include a suggested entry level and stop-loss price, suited to the best timing of the market regarding technical and fundamental analysis. 

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