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Commodity Trading Group

If you are familiar with the White Rabbit group, then you should quickly click on to the Commodity Trader group. The trading instruments used are derivatives in the commodities market, quoted on CBOE and COMEX and NYMEX exchanges. The trading platform (Metatrader) is provided by AVA Trade (The market maker) or broker and the use of and trading is subject to their rules and regulations. Please see their website for terms and conditions.

 Why would you subscribe to the Commodity Trader?

Trading in various asset classes increases your diversification of risk and exposure to single markets.You will have the opportunity to follow a professional trading strategy with a live market trader at your side.

As we are not brokers, we will guide you through every aspect of the trade from start to finish. This means that we will identify the trade on a strategy setup, then we will post all the trade details on a private blog group. You can then evaluate the prospective trade using your trading application and decide whether the risk involved is reasonable for you to accept the trade.


What you need to do?

Subscribe to the Needle in the Haystack Commodity Trader and join the blog.

Open and fund your trading account with AVA Financial or any other broker you choose and start trading.

Open an account with AvaTrade here..........



Open a demo account if you would like to test the waters.

Download the Metatrader application from the AVA website

Wait for the notification on the group blog to follow the trades.

 That's not all..........

Once you are set up, we will provide you with an already set up profile with all the charts and technical indicators required to help you learn to use the application and get started. In addition I will send you an instructional video to help you through the setup process.

Trading Instruments





What does it cost?

The subscription is R350 per month

Copy-Trade facilities also available through the broker only



Is it worth it?

Many people who enter the forex and commodity markets trade these instruments at their peril. It requires a tremendous amount of skill and most do not succeed due to incorrect risk management, a lack of technical analysis skill and a complete misunderstanding of how these markets operate. Many common trading mistakes are made and repeated over and over again.

When you are new to a strategy and a market as a whole, you should start small. Your potential profits depend on your amount of capital you make available for this trading and are directly related to the amount of risk you are willing to take. High risk equals high reward.



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