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Copy Trade and Portfolio Management

Needle in the Haystack Trading only provides information on Derivative and Equity trading and the use of and execution of the information on trades is in the control of the client and managed by the stockbroker.

On the "Copy Trade" program, NHT has a Master Trader account with the broker. All NHT trade recommendations are loaded for execution on the master account as suggested in the weekly or monthly report. As the trades are activated, these trades will be executed/copied by the broker on your behalf on your account as per your instruction on the broker trading mandate. The broker will size your positions in accordance with our trading risk model which is sent to you with your weekly report.

The "Copy Trade" is applicable for Equity Trading, Tax-Free Investments and Derivative Trading.


You only, will have full access to your trading account to monitor the proceedings at all times. 



You will receive a login to the trading platform to monitor your trades.

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