Wealth Creation - One Share at a time


Personalized Portfolio Analysis

Many people start buying shares from a tender age, others only start to invest much later on in life. The trouble with investing is that it is an educated guess and not all investments are good. In fact many people have lost their entire savings on speculating on the stock market.

Why did they lose their money? You may ask. The answer is simple! No one cares about your money better than you do. So don't think for one second that someone will always be there to bail you out.

Whatever the size of your share portfolio or how well you think it is is diversified, you need to review your position relative to your life-stage and income on a regular basis. Ever heard of cycles and trends? Well shares don't go up all the time either. At some point you need to do an assessment and re-balance your portfolio in line with the current market trend and your risk appetite.

Most investors can't do this as their knowledge is limited and that is where Needle in the Haystack Analytics can help you with the assessment so you will have a good idea where you stand on the yardstick of your financial future.

Did you know that currently in South Africa only 2% of the population will retire financially independant.

"If you're not living your life, then who is?"

"If you're not going to think about your life, then who will?"

"You are here now, so give it your full attention" - Donald Trump





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